The terms of services concerning the Agreement On Information Exchange Services 2018 - 2020 and the method for determining a reasonable profit awaits the decision of the Energy Authority


The Finnish Energy Authority confirms the terms of service and a reasonable profit determination method for Fingrid's Agreement On Information Exchange Services by period of review. The agreement defines the content of Fingrid's information exchange services as well as the obligations and rights associated with providing the service. Fingrid is entitled to collect reasonable costs and a reasonable profit from the users of the information exchange services. Fingrid has not proposed changes to the existing service terms or service fees.

According to the service agreement, the service invoicing is done half-yearly in May and November. Since the terms of service and the method of determining a reasonable profit are still waiting for the Energy Authority's confirmation for the current contract period, the service fee billing for May will wait until the service agreement and the terms of services are confirmed by the Energy Authority. Therefore, Fingrid will make invoices for the billing period from 1 January to 30 June 2018 as soon as the Energy Authority has issued a confirmation decision.