A new service portal – Datahub Services will be launched on June 1, 2020


All EDIELfi portal services will be moved to the new Datahub Services portal. We will share all of the needed information that will be required to implementation of the Datahub, on our new websites.

In the future, all information exchange services and Datahub project materials will be available on the new service portal.

We will provide more detailed instructions regarding the new service go-live in the coming weeks. The service is running in new URL.

What changes when launching the new service portal?

• The contents of the Datahub project and the current information exchange services are separated into their own clear sections.

The contact information table needs a login. It is possible for all users of the company to update their company's contact information. Privacy is enhanced when the table is only available to the logged-in users.

• Portal search features make it easier to find the page content and documents.

• User management is renewed. With the go-live of the new service, company admins have to invite all their company users to the new portal and manage them. The current EDIELfi portal has many user accounts that have not been used for a long time, so we can update user database to current level.

If your company uses O365, you will be able to log into the new portal with the logins of your own organization.

• The look and usability of the portal is updated.

What will happen to the current EDIELfi service?

Considering the approaching summer holiday season, we will be driving the old service down during the fall of 2020. However, when using the old service, please note that the contact table or the content of the portal will no longer be updated after the new service is opened. Published new documents are no longer imported into the old service. Metering point register will remain up-to-date, as its database will not be transferred.

Please tell us feedback about the new service portal

We hope you will be active send us feedback after the go-live of the new service through our support service.