Interface and system documentation

NOTE In the future, we will publish updated versions of documents as well as new documents and instructions in our new service portal. Please note that the page may contain outdated document versions.

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Actors on the Finnish electricity retail market will mainly use the Datahub system through technical interfaces. The Datahub project will publish interface specifications including message descriptions on this page. The target group of the material is primarily system developers that implement Datahub integration in their own applications.

The interface specifications will be updated as the Datahub implementation project proceeds. The project will inform about updates separately through the datahub news.
Datahub External Interface Specification 1.1
The Datahub External Interface Specification document describes the technical implementation of the Datahub B2B SOAP interface. The document is intended as a guide for application developers and / or integration experts who implement the integration between the external system associated with the Datahub.
Datahub Fingrid Schemas 1.11.1
The schema descriptions of the Datahub-system.
Datahub Data Interface 1.0
The Datahub Data Interface document describes the datahub's REST API data interface, providing an easier way to retrieve information from the SOAP interface.
Datahub Release Notes 0.5
The document includes the release notes for the Fingrid Datahub version 0.5 (Stage 5). The document describes the implemented functionalities, existing / resolved deviations and defects in the release. Release includes a B2B message interface using SOAP and a web browser GUI portal.
Datahub Delivery Plan